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Shear Blades


KRRAS Tools has many years of experience in the production of rectilinear blades for sheet metal cutting.


We use high-quality steels for manufacturing, which allows the cutting of high strength sheet metal such as stainless steel sheets, manganese and silicon sheets.


Our shear blades and machine blades are exceptionally tough and durable. KRRAS Tools shear blades are manufactured from the finiest alloys to close tolerance quality control standards, these blades are heat treated to stand up under the toughest conditions. KRRAS Tools can ground your blades to any custom angle you specify meet your operations requirements.

Shear Blades Specifications

A: Blade Length
G: Number of Holes
B: Blade Width
H: Angle of Countersink
C: Blade Thickness
I: Keyway Length

D: Hole Center to Back
J: Keyway Thickness
E: End to First Hole:
K: Hole Diameter
F: Center to Center
L: Drilled or Tapped
M: Angle

Example Blades

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